We create renewable energy and feed healthy soils.

Maryland-based Bioenergy Devco purchased the former Perdue AgriRecycle composting operation in February 2020, renamed the facility, and plans to bring in new organics recycling technology. The project has earned widespread support from Sussex County leaders. The state permitting process is currently underway.


at the facility known as the Bioenergy Innovation Center will:

Strengthen the western Sussex County economy
Improve regional water quality
Support local family farms


We take in organic waste from the chicken industry across Delmarva, ensuring that pollutants do not contaminate local waterways. This waste is put to work.

Waste entering is currently placed in a secure, clean and efficient composting facility that can turn 30,000 tons of waste per year into clean, organic compost that will enrich soils and grow natural, healthy food at farms in Delmarva and nationwide.


To complement our existing compost operations, we are preparing for an expansion project that includes a state-of-the-art anaerobic digester. The site will be home to major organic waste innovations, including facilities to transform organic waste into low-emissions fuels for energy, heating and transportation.

Adding anaerobic digestion will expand our products to include renewable energy and digestate that can improve soil health.

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